Patrol Chuck Box

Smaller may be better

The Official Patrol Leader Handbook has plans for a chuck box with legs and a hinged front that serves as a work table when it is opened. In this version, the front swings up and over the top for the work table. This project can be cut from a 4 ' x 8 ' sheet of 3/4 " exterior plywood. Shelves are positioned according to the size of the equipment the patrol wants to store. Assemble with glue and screws. Chair skids are used to support the table top. Use hooks and eyes to keep the legs closed while it is being carried.

On a personal note, my troop used a camp kitchen very much like this one for many years. Although much   smaller than the typical patrol box used by BSA troops, it was very satisfactory, and it was retired only when past further repairing. See if it might be just what your troop needs.

Assembly Diagram

Original size about 3.5 " wide

Patrol Chuck Box Plans


Boy Scout
Roundtable Planning Guide

No. 7263

Cutout Diagram

Original size about 4.25 " wide

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