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A Primitive Technology Book Shelf 1, 2, 3

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Trading Post - primitive items for sale

Stores that Offer Raw Materials for Primitive Projects

A $5 Friction Fire Starter Kit

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Old Ways Workshops - 2001

Schedule for Friends of the Society of Primitive Technology - 2001

What to Teach Kids and Why

Sharing Old Ways With The Young

Kahiko Workshops of Primitive Skills - 2001


Fire Making and Primitive Cooking

A $5 Friction Fire Starter Kit

Starting Fire with a Lens made from Ice!

The Egyptian Bow Drill

Fire-By-Friction: Materials of the San Francisco Bay Region


The Two-Stick Hearthboard

Miracle of Fire-by-Friction

Making Fire by Bow Drill

Making Fire by Hand Drill

Fire by Friction with Damp Materials

Bow Spindle Extension

Fire-by-Friction Methods of the Australian Aborigines

Smallest Bow Drill Fire-by-Friction Set

Primitive Cooking


Primitive Tools and Projectiles

The Hoko Knife - A quick, simple stone tool

Making an Atlatl from a Branch

Stone Age Nail File

The Secrets of the Sinew

Cordage Backed Bow

Jiffy Arrow & Atlatl Dart Fletch Using Duct Tape

Atlatl Flexibility Analysis

Simple Atlatl Spear Thrower Construction

Making an Asiatic Composite Bow

Atlatl in Ancient Rock Art

The Scapular Saw

Johnstone Tools

Antler Handle Knife

Musical Instruments and Magic


Bone Flutes

Primitive Quail Call

Primitive Hand Made Reed Flute

Sycamore Membranophone

Puniu - Hawaiian Knee Drum

Deer Hoof Rattle

Musical Instruments of Central California

Random Thoughts on
Tradition vs. Technology

Primitive Crystal Light!

 Primitive Crafts
and Cordage

Weaving a Lauhala Mat

Processing of Sharkskin

Brain Tanned Buffalo Hides

Pomo Netting

Making Cordage By Hand

Pomo Tule Doll

Klamath Twined Tule Visor

Introduction To Tule Ethnobotany

The Three-Stick Roycroft Pack Frame

Making a Leather Knife Sheath

Cordage Fiber Shredder Made From Bone

Inuit Thimble

Paiute Tule Duck Decoy

The Ties that Bind and Bindings that Tie

Four Hour Kayak

Useful Plants and Primitive Shelters

Calendar of Harvesting and Gathering

Useful Plants of California (1)

Useful Plants of California (2)

Useful Plants of California (3)

Can You Name these Plants?

The Ti Plant Called Ki


Bull Whip Kelp

Thatched Ohlone Style House

Scout Pit

Primitive Trips

Rattlesnake Rendezvous - 2000

Hawaiian Plants (a trip to the Big Island)

Australian Aborigine Flint Knapping

Primitive Field Day at Stanford University

Knap-In and Gathering of Ohlone People at the Coyote Hills Regional Park

Winter Count - 2001

Hand-Made Tools

How to Make Your Own Steel Knifes

Folding Saw

Portable Shaving Horse

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