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75th anniversary patch from the camp of my youth - Camp Twin Echo, Ligonier, Pa.

This site will NOT be closing at the end of 2005

I would like to thank everyone fior their letters of support, and some great suggestions on how to obtain updated information. Based on this, and that my ISP extended my domain registration for 3 years without asking (Scout is Thrifty), I will be keeping the site going.

One suggestion I will be implementing immediately: In lieu of patches, if you would like a copy of this site on CD you can also send a copy of your council's camping guide (2004 or 2005). In addition to the CD both your name, and your Troops number, will be listed on the council page as a contributing editor (unless you request anonymity). Each year that you send a copy of the guide you will receive the most recent site CD.

Again, thanks for your kind letters of support, encouragement, and ideas.

Mike Lipay
210 Fiesta Dr.
Plum, Pa. 15239

Suggestions, observations, and general critique are welcome, please submit them via e-mail.

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Now including Canada!

If you are interested in one of the fine camps operated by our Scouting bretheren to the north, check out ScoutDocs website.


based on what you find here, please mention this site to the Council. Each year I contact 1/3 of the Councils to obtain updated information, usually only about half of them respond. Knowing that you use the information on this site could help improve their responsiveness.