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 Thanksgiving 2003

Photo Information: These photos were taken on Thanksgiving Day of 2003 at my sister Brenda's home in Payson, UT. This proved an interesting day to cook with temperatures starting in the mid 20's but by noon it was 5° F. and I was struggling to keep the ovens hot. Pictures were a bit of a challenge to take because of all the steam generated due to the colder temperatures. At times I could use a flash and other times there was too much steam to get a decent picture.

Dutch Oven Getting Warm My MACA deep 17" Dutch oven awaiting the turkey.
My Son Adding Some Charcoal. My son adding charcoal to the lid of the basting sauce oven. The sauce consisted of butter, mint, sage, thyme, marjoram, celery seed, salt, and black pepper.
Smile For Me Smiling for the camera.
Herb Roasted Turkey After 30 Minutes This is the herb roasted turkey after 30 minutes of baking. I have just spooned basting sauce over the top of the bird.
Herb Roasted Turkey After 1 Hour This is the turkey after 60 minutes of baking. I have just finished spooning the remainder of the basting sauce over the bird. From now on the turkey will be basted with the juices in the oven.
Herb Roasted Turkey After 90 Minutes This is the turkey after 90 minutes. You can see some color developing on the breast and wings now.
Herb Roasted Turkey After 2 Hours This is the turkey after 2 hours of cooking time. You can see a little more color developing on the breast now and some color starting on the legs. The internal breast temperature is now 125° F.
Dutch Oven Stuffing Ready To Bake This is our stuffing ready to be baked. I used my standard Dutch oven stuffing recipe substituting turkey stock made from boiling the turkey neck and giblets for the chicken stock. I also added the chopped giblets and an 8 oz. package of craisins to the mix.
Yams Ready For Baking These are our yams ready for baking. The yams were seasoned with salt, black pepper, thyme, allspice, and some minced garlic then tossed to mix everything. I then sprinkled on 1/2 cup of brown sugar, dotted the top with butter and poured 8 oz. of pure maple syrup over everything.
Herb Roasted Turkey Ready For The Table Here's our turkey ready for the table after a little delay caused by the cold temperatures. This was after 4 hours of total cooking time. The internal breast meat temperature is now 178° F.. I wish you could smell the aromas...
Dutch Oven Stuffing Ready For Eating Dutch oven stuffing ready to be served. This was a good batch if I do say so myself!
Yams Ready For The Table And we can't forget the yams. These were very good! Nice and sweet and done without any Marshmallows!!! I got a lot of compliments over these.

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