Cooking is one of the essential skills needed in Scouting. A good well-prepared meal can cheer up the gloomiest of days or moments. Also, to be able to perform many tasks we need the energy a balanced meal provides.

Bannock Recipes

Bannock is bread that will not spoil while hiking and is truly a Canadian food, and making it is an experience every Scout should have. Because many different ethnic groups settled our country with varied access to cooking supplies, there does not appear to be one single traditional recipe. Bannock is a staple food item for those in the back woods or bush country.

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Gilwell Cookery

This cookbook is a project of The Eagle Patrol of Wood Badge C–26-02 a joint training session between the Sioux Council and the Twin Valley Council.

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This collection of camp recipes supports my efforts to encourage Scouts to discover the rewarding world of camp cookery, the importance of nutrition in a person's life, and how proper menus and cooking skills add to the enjoyment of the camping experience, and, indeed, life in general.