First Aid

Fist aid is the help given before a victim can receive professional medical help.First aid is very important to the Scouting program; the first three rank requirements require first aid knowledge. Also, the First Aid merit badge is an Eagle required merit badge. Scouting has placed a high level of importance on the Scout being knowledgeable in this area. Below are helpful documents that you can use in your first aid program:

Active First Aid Online (online)

Active First Aid Online is the Internet version of the official PARASOL EMT First Aid book.  Written by ambulance paramedics with a total of 40 years experience in pre-hospital care. Designed for easy storage in car glove box or first aid kit.Active First Aid Online has being comprehensively updated, with the launch of Active First Aid 4th Australasian Edition:

ALF Ambulance Service First Aid Tips

BSA Camp Health Officer Training Module This powerpoint presentation provides requisite information for camp health officers. Also need the video AV-09V025 - Scouting Safety - Begins with leadership to show during PowerPoint presentation.

Boys’ Life on Foot Care
Closed Head Wound
CPR – Infant
CPR – Child
CPR - Adult
Dealing with Heat
First Aid Preparedness Exam
How to make fake wounds

In a Split Second - This video helps with the Emergency Preparedness Requirements!!

Every five seconds there is a serious accident in the home. Aimed at lowering that statistic, this program demonstrates to parents and other caregivers how they can take precautions to prevent common accidents and shows what to do in the first few seconds after an accident occurs---the most crucial time period. Featured topics include treating wounds with bleeding, burns, drowning, choking, electrocution, gun shot wounds and bike accidents. Helpful hints to prevent these accidents from occurring are: never leave a child alone near the stove, in water or in a car; make sure children eat slowly to avoid choking; cover outlets with safety plugs; don't keep a loaded weapon in the home; and always insist your child wear a helmet when riding a bike. Having an emergency phone list by every telephone and a first aid kit nearby as well as knowing CPR will allow you to react quickly and with confidence. These could be the things that save the life of a child. This program provides significant media support to Health and Safety units on accident prevention, emergency first aid and parenting skills. (Grade 9 - 12) - Online CPR instruction

Learn CPR is a free public service supported by the University of Washington School of Medicine.  Learn the basics of CPR - cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Updated with new CPR Guidelines issued by the American Heart Association and published in Circulation, Dec 13 2005.

Mayo Clinic First Aid Guide

Medical emergencies don't occur every day. But when they do, information can help you deal with these situations.

Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation instruction video (real media)

Online First aid instruction course

Our unique self-guiding CPR course and First Aid course are a cost-effective, time-saving alternative for those individuals who need to learn the fundamentals of Basic Life Support but whose schedules may not permit lengthy lectures and expensive instructors. Each of our step-by-step CPR and First Aid lessons are thoroughly explained with minimal technical jargon and include a helpful quick review section. A brief quiz will recap everything you learned and will give you the confidences you'll need to take appropriate course of action should an emergency arise. Access the website for the exams.

Open Wounds in the Open Woods

Cuts and scrapes in the wilderness can be an invitation to infection. Our wilderness doctor, Buck Tilton, tells you how to care for open wounds when there is no hospital near. In the big food chain, big meat eaters munch smaller meat eaters and humans find themselves, except for an occasional bear attack, comfortably at the top of the order and ready to eat anything.

Pilot First Aid Page

Here you will find a variety of first aid reference files for the 3Com Palm Pilot, converted to DOC format. They are also available in text format, if you prefer to use them in Memo Pad. You can get a fairly nice, and relatively cheap, DOC reader from TealPoint.

Poisonous Plants and Shrubs

There are many types of harmful plants that can affect us. The one we know best in our area is poison ivy, Rhus radicans. It is poisonous to the touch because all parts of the plant contain oil that causes an allergic reaction in many people. There are however many more harmful plants that we should be aware of as leaders. Click on the link below to review many poisonous plants and shrubs.

Spider, Snake, Scorpion Bites
Sprained Ankle Injury
Snake Bites
Sunshine and Safe Skin

The American Red Cross Emergency Test

Accidents kill nearly 100,000 Americans every year. To reduce this tragic statistic, viewers of this program are shown how to prepare for natural disasters and prevent accidents. By using a mutiple choice test, celebrities Phylicia Rashad, Joan Lunden, Don Johnson, Josh Saviano and Alan Thicke demonstrate precautionary measures in three categories: home safety, natural disaster safety and recreational safety. Featured are such topics as how to locate and eliminate common household hazards; how to prepare for earthquakes and storms; what should be done for heat exhaustion, frostbite, unconsciousness, injury, heart attack, choking and wounds; what should be done at the scene of an automobile accident. This program provides significant media support to Health and Safety units on accident causes and prevention, emergency first aid and safety precautions for violent weather conditions. (Grade 6 - 8)

Virtual First Aid Course for Soldiers by the Virtual Naval Hospital
Virtual Standard First Aid Course by the Virtual Naval Hospital
Wilderness First aid and Health