There are several documents that I came across while gathering materials that I have found to be a wealth of information. They don’t fit in any one of the skill categories because they bridge across many of them.

Adult Leadership Roles

This is a sample PowerPoint presentation from troop 69 in Alpharetta, Georgia showing how adults leaders and volunteers interact within the unit. This is an excellent example of how communications from the Troop Adult leadership to the parents should occur.

”Aids to Scoutmastership” by Baden-Powell

A Scout is Reverent

Age and Rank Appropriate Guidelines for Scouting Activities

Age- and rank-appropriate guidelines have been developed based on the mental, physical, emotional, and social maturity of Boy Scouts of America youth members. These guidelines apply to Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, Varsity Scout teams, and Venturing crews.

Be 2nd Class Scout
Be 1st Class Scout
Biologically Speaking: Ecosystems and the Cycles of Nature

Ecosystem communities may differ radically from one biome to another – from the rattlesnake, tortoise, and saguaro cactus of a southwestern desert, to the salamander, ferns, and mosses of a temperate rainforest. Four basic requirements for life – nutrients, energy, water, and an appropriate range of temperature – play a critical role in the life cycles and evolution of ecosystem communities. Teenage host, Elyse, introduces students to nutrient and energy cycles. She explains that as the sun’s energy is transferred through food webs – from producers to primary and secondary consumers, scavengers and decomposers – it provides fuel for life at each step of the way. Students will learn about the habitats, niches, and relationships of populations and communities, along with the adaptations that help organisms survive. The program also examines how modern society had affected the balance of life in various biomes, and humankind's responsibility to protect all ecosystems, so that life on our planet may continue to thrive. (Grade 6 - 8)

BSA - The Building Blocks of Scouting

Scouting teaches skills that help youth develop into quality citizens. Organizations that are interested in nurturing youth for the betterment of the community will find Scouting to be a positive form of community outreach.

BSA - Field Book (online)

The BSA Field Book has been a long standing staple in a Scoutmaster’s bag of books. This online resource will quickly become a part of the Scoutmaster’s online bag of books.

BSA - Guide to Safe Scouting

The purpose of the Guide to Safe Scouting is to prepare adult leaders to conduct Scouting activities in a safe and prudent manner. The policies and guidelines have been established because of the real need to protect members from known hazards that have been identified through 90-plus years of experience. Limitations on certain activities should not be viewed as stumbling blocks; rather, policies and guidelines are best described as stepping-stones toward safe and enjoyable adventures.

BSA Youth Leadership Training

BSA - Merits of Marketing

In support of the 1998-2002 National Strategic Plan, the contents of this CD-ROM will help you achieve your marketing goals. 

BSA - Sea Scouts - An Introduction
BSA - The Patrol Method

The patrol is a group of Scouts who belong to a troop and who are probably similar in age, development, and interests. The patrol method allows Scouts to interact in a small group outside the larger troop context, working together as a team and sharing the responsibility of making their patrol a success. A patrol takes pride in its identity, and the members strive to make their patrol the best it can be. Patrols will sometimes join with other patrols to learn skills and complete advancement requirements. At other times they will compete against those same patrols in Scout skills and athletic competitions.

BSA - Why Scouting?

A recruitment video from BSA and www.thescoutzone.com.

District Committee Training Workshop - Connecticut Yankee Council
Klondike Derby - How to run and organize one

In a Klondike Derby, Scout patrols acting as huskies pull specially designed homemade sleds around a field course marked by stations named for towns or cities, such as Dawson or Fairbanks. At each town the Scouts tackle exercises in problem-solving, as well as contests and other activities in which the patrols or teams earn "gold nuggets" and credits toward Scouting patches.

Miscellaneous Scout Plans (How to make)

  • Arrows Learn how to make authentic arrows the way the Native Americans did. These plans came from BSA's "Boys' Life" Magazine.
  • Klondike Sled Plans Cross-country sled races deliver adventure, endurance and a wilderness challenge. And these plans are your ticket to that world. This sled is specially designed for Klondike Derby races in which boys—not dogs—provide the pulling power. Even though this sled is fast and strong, you don’t have to be a master carpenter to build it. These plans came from BSA's "Boys' Life" Magazine.
  • Minnow Trap Plans Make a minnow trap to catch minnows for fishing bait. This could be turned into a small sales business. These plans came from BSA's "Boys' Life" Magazine.
  • Patrol Camp Table Make a simple table out of a single 4' x 8' sheet of plywood that requires no hardware to assemble or lose. It comes completely apart and lays flat to easily transport in a truck or van and to store later back at home. A great think to bring with you in those remote, rustic, campsites that don't have picnic tables available. It will give your troop a good place to sit down and enjoy their meals outdoors. No more standing around balancing a plate and cup in your hands while you eat. These plans came from BSA's "Boys' Life" Magazine.
  • Patrol Flag Every Patrol should have their own custom designed and created Patrol flag.. These plans came from BSA's "Boys' Life" Magazine.
  • Wooden Snowshoe Plans Make your own simple wooden snowshoes without having to steam and bend the wood. These are made out of plywood that is cut into shape. This could be turned into a small sales business. These plans came from BSA's "Boys' Life" Magazine, January 1996.
  • Worm Farm Plans Make a worm farm for fishing bait in your backyard. This could be turned into a small sales business. These plans came from BSA's "Boys' Life" Magazine.

OA Election Team Update

Order of the Arrow (OA) training film to train members of the OA Election team.

OA Unit Elections

Order of the Arrow (OA) training film to train members in how to run an unit election.

Parent Orientation Presentation - Troop 69

This is a sample PowerPoint presentation from troop 69 in Alpharetta, Georgia for a new parent’s orientation presentation. This is an excellent example of how communications from the Troop Adult leadership to the parents should occur.

Parent Orientation Presentation - Troop 1571

This is a sample PowerPoint presentation from troop 1571 in Washington State, for a new parent’s orientation presentation. This is an excellent example of how communications from the Troop Adult leadership to the parents should occur.

Scouting Bugle Calls

Copies of the music for all of the Bugle Calls required  for Bugling Merit Badge Requirement No. 4

Scouting Games

Scoutmaster’s Minute
Scoutmaster’s Minute - II
Scouting as a Safe Haven

Program material for use at a Patrol Leader’s Council, or part of a larger training program. See instructor guide at end.Scouting’s safe haven ideal describes how we should act and the Scouting spirit we should display. It follows from the ideals embodied in the BSA Scout Oath and Law. Scouting should be a fun and challenging activity for Scouts. It should also be free of unnecessary roughness, physical and verbal threats, and foul language:

Scouting with a PDA

PDA software and files to make your Scouting life easier from USSCOUTS.

Sextant (PowerPoint)

What is and how to use a Sextant.

Survival Manual based on the US Army Manual (online)
Various Preparedness Exams (online)

The Emergency Protective Preparedness Exam Series began as an emulation of the Scout Firemanship, now Fire Safety, badge criteria. This training aid was developed in response to and by the requests of local troop administrators with multi-participant training assistance requirements. It includes exams for -- Crime Prevention -- Emergency Preparedness -- Family Life -- Fire Safety -- First Aid -- Safety -- Wilderness Survival -- Hiking -- Personal Fitness -- Personal Management -- Communications -- and Damage Assessment, from the American Red Cross, Disaster Emergency Services.

Train the Treasurer

Many Scout units fail due to a lack of proper financial planning, management and oversight. While most unit committee treasurers are not professional accountants or bookkeepers, they must manage unit finances, maintain proper financial records, prepare regular financial statements and report them to the unit and committee.While a unit committee has the responsibilities of program planning and implementation, the treasurer’s role is to ensure funds are available for the unit to run a successful Scout program. This is in addition to the day-to-day duties of “keeping the books”.Current basic leader training provides little specialized training for the unit treasurer to perform these tasks appropriately. A trained committee is vital to the success of a Scout unit and a trained treasurer is vital to the success of the Scout committee.The purpose of this paper is to provide a guide to volunteer treasurers on how to perform their duties

Webelos to Boy Scout Transition

Webelos to Boy Scouts, a 20 minute Power Point presentation on the transition.


The term "Traditional Scouting" has many definitions.  In America it generally refers to "old-fashioned" Scouting in some form.  For "old-school" Scouting enthusiasts, I offer here the entire contents of Ernest Thompson Seton's American handbook, The Birch Bark Roll, which was the original source of some of the elements in Lord Baden-Powell's Scouting scheme, including what B-P called "Proficiency Badges" ("engraved with the symbol or the deed for which it is given"), Scouting games, Patrol totems and calls, and advancement based on standards rather than competition.  The Inquiry Net is also the home of Daniel Carter Beard's entire pre-Scouting handbook, The Boy Pioneers: Sons of Daniel Boone.   This was probably the world's first national youth organization based on completely boy-run local chapters.  When Baden-Powell's Scouting program was eventually established in the United States through the significant filters of the YMCA and James West, both Seton and Beard joined the BSA and greatly influenced its subsequent post Baden-Powell development.