Orienteering is the art of using a map and compass to determine how to get from one point to another point. This is one of the most critical skills a Scout has to learn and one of the hardest to teach. A variety of materials is referenced below that can be used to assist in teaching these skills.

Boys’ Life – Map Symbols
Boys’ Life – Map Quiz
Brunton Compass Company (online)

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Distance Computer

One of the requirements for earning the rank of First Class Scout is to measure the height and/or width of designated items (tree, tower, canyon, ditch, etc.).  When you practice this, you find that you have to do a lot of arithmetic.  You must step off a measured distance and then divide that distance by the number of steps to find your step length.  This procedure can be complicated. We have found that it is better for a Scout to learn what a 2½ ft or 3 ft pace feels like. Then it is easier for him to figure out how many paces are required for a given distance or visa versa. Then you step off the unknown distance and now you must multiply that number of steps by your step length.  This can amount to a lot of work if you have to do it with pencil and paper.  It would be a lot easier to use a distance computer.

How to use a Compass Course

How to use a Compass - Compass alone.htm
How to use a Compass - Compass and Map interaction.htm
How to use a Compass - Magnetic Declination and uncertainty.htm
How to use a Compass - Suggested Exercises.htm
How to use a Compass - when you have no compass.htm
How to use a Compass in difficult foggy conditions.htm

OA Guide to Map & Compass

OA Guide to Map & Compass - Part 1.htm
OA Guide to Map & Compass - Part 2.htm
OA Guide to Map & Compass - Part 3.htm

Scouting Trail Sings
Silva Compass Company (online)
USGS National Mapping Information (online)
Create and Purchase Topo Maps Online (online)
Wilderness Navigation